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GDPR Notice: If you think that you're special and important enough for us to take or keep any of your information, then you're dead wrong. We don't care about you and most likely no one else does, either.

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The internet equivalent of mumbling to yourself in the corner

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Are you looking for a place to post shit but don't want to put it on Facebook or Twitter? What about a site that is so intentionally user-unfriendly that you can pretend you're better than the "normies" that use facebook? Do pictures and/or colors generally frighten you?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, then you've come to right place; is exactly as unwelcoming and obtuse as you are!

"User Experience" on the web has gone too far, and we're here to fix that.

On, you'll find that every profile is set to 'private' by default.

User pages can only be found if that user's id number is known.

There is nothing else; there are no "stories", you cannot like someone else's post, you cannot message them, you cannot upload a picture, you cannot edit your own posts. This is it, enjoy (or don't)!

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